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Outstanding Brands In The IndustryFor Many Years
Our rich successful experience has won us a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, excellent service level and domestic quality production level, and successfully provided mature products for many large enterprises at home and abroad
Professional Industry
Excellent Quality
Variety Diversity
Serious And Efficient
Manufacturers directly produce, rest assured of quality
Various products and specifications
Years of professional plastic machine parts production and R & D
Serve every customer seriously, efficiently and with high quality
Professional technical team
Excellent quality, extraordinary power and brand trusted by customers
7 * 24-hour service hotline:
4 Reasons For Choosing Us
01.Strict Production Process
It is deeply recognized by many well-known enterprises in the world
02.Scale Advantage And Capacity Guarantee
For many years, we have focused on the customization and wholesale of injection molding machine and far-infrared heating ring accessories
04.Professional Solutions, High-end Customization
Strong engineer team, professional, worry-free and fast
03.Many Specifications And Complete Varieties
Various varieties can meet various use needs and help you easily realize one-stop procurement!
Professional undertaking screw system. Based on "excellence", the enterprise has a complete set of quality assurance and after-sales service system through continuous innovation and efforts.
Professional undertaking screw system. Based on "excellence", the enterprise has a Specially designed motors with special performance and non-standard structure are designed for you, and a complete set of motor solutions are customized. Through the third-party factory inspection of many brand group customers, product R & D, product quality, order delivery date and service follow-up are guaranteedcomplete set of quality assurance and after-sales service system through continuous innovation and efforts.
Main screw, barrel, infrared heating ring, gearbox and other products, integrated service.
The products are inspected at all levels to ensure that each ex factory product meets the standards and standards.Customer needs.
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Suzhou Baoyou Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, is an enterprise integrating production, comprehensive trade, energy saving of hydraulic equipment, energy saving and transformation of plastic machinery. It produces screw barrel, far-infrared heating ring, gearbox, etc. Acting sales of injection molding machine, extruder, granulator, blow molding machine and plastic machine auxiliary equipment; Based on "excellence", through continuous innovation and efforts, the enterprise has a complete set of quality assurance and after-sales service system. With the help of high-precision equipment, advanced technology and integrated flow operation, our products have the advantages of long service life, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can replace imports. At present, the products are exported to Europe, South America, Africa, the Far East, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and are highly praised by domestic and foreign merchants. With high-quality products, excellent service, reasonable price and reliable reputation, new and old customers are welcome to call and write to contact and order. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead" and adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide our customers with high-quality services. Welcome!
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1、故障现象2014 年 9 月,某粉煤灰钢板库项目在外循环出料运行过程中,时常出现库顶收尘电动机故障跳闸,造成库
现有的采用PLC为核心的再起动柜成本高、接线复杂, 单机再起动继电器仅靠依赖电动机所在母线电压及接触器辅助触点位置...
Suzhou Baoyou Machinery Co., Ltd
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